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WebPoster Downloads

On this page you can download software and documentation for both our website viewer WebPoster IQ and M3:

WebPoster IQ:
for X86 / Intel Celeron

WebPoster M3:
for ARM / Raspberry Pi

WebPoster IQ

WebPoster M3

Software Artista Device Finder (ADF)

For WebPoster IQ and M3

  • Software for setting the network interface of WebPosters
  • ADF scans the network for connected WebPosters and lists them
  • Network parameters of found devices can be easily edited
IQ & M3 ArtistaDeviceFinder 06.05.2015 1.2.0Filesize: 5MB
IQ & M3 ADF Release Notes 06.05.2015 1.2.0Filesize: 111kB
IQ & M3 ADF User Manual 06.05.2015 1.2.0Filesize: 250kB