Computer-on-Modules (COM), also known as System-on-Modules (SOM), already have the core functions of a motherboard, but absolutely require a carrier board for operation. While the computer-on-module already contains the most important components such as CPU, connection to the main memory and standard interfaces, customer-specific interfaces and the I/Os are defined on the carrier board.

Our customers can choose from a variety of COM standards and proprietary form factors. The COM standards allow modules to be exchanged across manufacturers, while proprietary standards mean that you are safely tied to one manufacturer.

Please see our roadmaps for more information on our product range: Embedded Roadmap COM Modules


COM Express™ Mini

With a size of 84x55mm the module is the smallest standard and is available with entry level x86 processors

COM Express™ Compact

With a size of 95x95mm the module is the next larger standard and is Mid Range and Entry Level Processors

COM Express™ Basic

High-end mobile processors are available on the module (125x95mm) for more computationally intensive applications


Connector between x86 / ARM® for low power platforms in size 82x50mm


Small form factor with just 70x70mm and can be easily integrated into mobile embedded applications

COM-HPC & other

Proprietary COM modules and modules to ETX® form factor in size 95x125mm