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E-Paper Monitors

Energy saving monitors

E-paper monitors have an e-ink display that replicates the representation of ink on paper. The monitors do not require backlighting and only consume power when the displayed content changes. This makes this display technology ideal for notices that were previously implemented with paper.

Advantages of bistable displays

Due to this "bistable" property of e-paper displays, the display is maintained even when there is no power supply. With e-ink, the pixels are not illuminated and do not light up themselves, but reflect the ambient light, as is the case with classic printed paper (=> reflective displays).

Thus, this monitor class is very energy-efficient and perfectly suited for 24/7 continuous use.

Due to the lack of backlighting, e-paper can be characterized as very easy on the eyes, in contrast to LCD technology. Especially when reading long texts, e-paper displays have a clear advantage.

What is E-Ink?

E-ink, the basis for e-paper, is based on electrophoretic ink. This consists of microcapsules with colored particles that are positively or negatively charged depending on the color. Depending on the polarity of the electric field, the particles migrate to the top of the microcapsules and thus become visible.

Furthermore, the pixels on the electronic paper are located directly behind the top layer, which creates a high contrast and enables the reader to read the display clearly from almost any viewing angle.

The monitors also have very good readability in bright sunlight. The e-paper display is matte and not glossy, which means there are no reflections. All in all, you can always read e-paper, except in the dark.

With integrated solutions, suitable interfaces, bonding options and individual software applications for e-paper monitors, we can always implement the holistic customer project. The application areas indoor and outdoor are diverse.