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Cooperation with Worldwide Leading Manufacturers

The components, processors and displays which we partly process or program, are manufactured by well-known manufacturers with whom we cooperate in partnership

Each construction is only as good as its components. That is why we work with market leaders such as Samsung, Innolux, DMC, Mitsubishi, Kyocera Display, AUO and others.

Abon Touchsystems Inc. produced high-quality robust analog resistive 5-wire touch screens in sizes from 26.42cm to 48.26 cm (10.4" bis 19") in Taiwan. They can be operated with finger, stylus or gloves.

Our Abon Touchscreens

AMOLED Corporation is a taiwanese manufacturer of high-qulality TFT displays with high brightness. At the moment we offer sizes from 10.1‟ (25.65 cm) bis 24" ( 60.96 cm) an.

Our AMOLED Displays


AMPIRE Co. Ltd. produces outstanding industrial TFT displays with a wide viewing angle in Taiwan. Right now we supply sizes from 5" (12.7cm) to 15.6" (39.62cm).

Our Ampire Displays

AU Optronics Corp. is the larges Taiwanese TFT manufacturer and offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. We provide these TFTs in sizes from 12.7 cm (5") to 165.1cm (65.0").

Our AUO Displays

DMC Co., Ltd. is a Japanese Touch screen manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We supply DMC touch screens sized 14.48 (5.7") to 48.26 cm (19.0") with different technologies (analog resistiv 4-wire/5-wire and projected capacitive). On a project basis customized versions are available.

Our DMC Touch Screens

Innolux Corporation (former Chimei Innolux): The industrial Innolux TFT displays are available at Distec in sizes from 17.562 cm (6.95") to 101.6 cm (40"). These are also suitable for multimedia applications. We work with Innolux on the basis of a distribution agreement.

Our Innolux Displays

Kyocera Display took over Optrex Corporation in the year 2012: The Japanese manufacturer is known for high product stability, long-term availability and an outstanding quality.We distribute Kyocera TFT displays in sizes ranging from 8.89 cm (3.5") to 30.73 cm (12.1"). Again, a distribution contract is the basis of our cooperation.

Our Kyocera Displays

LG Display already produced TFT displays since 1995, mainly for TVs and monitors. We offer sizes from 17.78 cm (7.0") to 124.46 cm (49.0").

Our LG Displays

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading manufacturer of industrial TFT displaysfeaturing an outstanding product stability as well as long-term availability in sizes ranging from 10.92 cm (4.3") to 48.678 cm (19.2"). The AT series is designed for harshest environmental conditions.

Our Mitsubishi Displays

ORTUSTECH is a Japanese manufacturer of smal to medium sized industrial TFT displays with excellent optical features and a very low power consumption. Right now we offer sizes from 2.2 to 5" (5.588 to 12.7cm).

Our Ortustech Displays

Panasonic manufactures high-end industrial TFT displays with IPS technology and resulting very wide viewing angles. At the moment we supply them in sizes 10" (25.4 cm) and 11.6" (29.46 cm).

Our Panasonic Displays

We supply you with DID displays of the worldwide market leader Samsung in sizes ranging from 101.6 cm (40") to 190.5 cm (75").

Our Samsung Displays

Solomon Goldentek Display Corp. (SGD) manufactures log-term available industrial TFT displays with an ourstanding price-performance ratio. We supply sizes from 3.5" (8.89 cm) to 12.1" (30.73 cm).

Our SGD Displays

To complete our product range we offer as a design partner selected Sharp displays sized 15.6" (39.624 cm) and 19" (48.26 cm) with integrated LED converter.

Our Sharp Displays


Tianma Europe GmbH produces industrial TFT displays in excellent quality with different features to perfectly match the requirements of varius application areas. Our delivery range includes these long-term available displays in sizes from 5.7 to 19" (14.478 to 48.26cm).

Our Tianma NLT Displays