All available monitors can also be leased from us. Without tying up capital, you can always use the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. The leasing contract is tailored to your needs.

In order to be able to submit you a suitable offer, we need the desired term and desired monthly rate.

There are several advantages for you:

  • You have a secure basis for calculation, because the leasing rates are fixed, remain constant and transparent.
  • You pay the installments in parallel to the use of the equipment, so the investment is financed from the income generated.
  • You receive the product and the financing from a single source, resulting in added value without additional expense.

Our leasing partner has decades of experience. After you have chosen a product, we will send the necessary information to our partner and he will send you the leasing contract. After confirming the contract with your signature, we will deliver the selected monitors to you. You pay the installments to the leasing partner, who will reliably assist you.

We offer leasing from a project size of 5 devices or a turnover value of 10.000€.

Is monitor leasing an option for you? Then please get in touch with your sales contact or send us an e-mail to solution(at)