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Fireload Optimized Displays

Monitors in public areas serve passers-by and visitors as an information and guidance system. Often such monitors are located in places which are also designated as escape routes for which special fire protection rules apply, also for monitors.

With the A1 certification, Distec offers the highest level of fire safety for fire protection monitors as well as real fire protection touch monitors. The new fire load optimized (BLO) monitors, certified to A1, are available in sizes from 24" to 65" and in addition to the previous B-s1, d0 certified monitors. The further development of the proven BLO-Line, uses durable displays designed for 24/7 operation. In 2015 we were the first ones to develop a BLO monitor.

Certified fire protected displays without smoke gas emission

Distec's fire load-optimized monitors are now available in two classifications with the characteristics no flue gas emmission - no flaming droplets:

  • A1 - non-combustible: BLO-Line Monitors
  • B-s1, d0   - the best classification for flame retardant products: POS-Line BLO Monitors

The monitors feature a fireproof protective glass with or without touchscreen and a stable housing made of sheet steel. They are available as a monitor for external control or with an integrated PC and each monitor is accompanied by a certificate confirming its fire class.

For these flue gas and fire-load optimized monitors, all materials that develop flue gases or contribute to the fire load in case of fire were consistently avoided: The fire behavior, i.e. the flammability and combustibility of the monitors, was determined based on the SBI method according to DIN 13823:2015-02. The fire test was carried out according to the European standard DIN EN13501-1.


BLO-Line Info-Webinar