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Fire protection monitors

Best fire protection – non-flammable monitors

Monitors are perfectly suited to pass on important information in public areas to passers-by and visitors in a fast and visually appealing way. However, ideal locations for such information monitors are often designated as escape and rescue routes. Smoke development due to burning monitors may have devastating effects. Therefore, particularly strict fire protection regulations apply at these locations. The use of standard monitors is not allowed.

The currently carried out fire test of our new fire protection monitors (Blaze Load Optimized Monitors) has proven: our monitors meet the highest fire protection class according to A1 based on DIN EN 13501-1:2019-05, since all requirements in the fire test were fulfilled or even far below them.

The fire protection class A1 means that the monitor is non-flammable.

This makes Distec the first supplier on the market to offer an independent fire load and smoke gas optimized monitor according to the highest fire protection class A1, on request with a multi-touchscreen. The use of separate fire protection housings for monitors is not necessary.
For more information, see our BLO information brochure.

Preventive fire protection with Distec monitors

Fires in buildings and their effects on the environment endanger the life and health of human beings. In order to prevent the occurrence and spread of damaging fires, there are strict regulations on fire protection in the state building code and in the model building regulations (federal law), § 14. The following protection goals are binding:

  • The development of a fire must be prevented.
  • The spread of fire and smoke must be prevented.
  • It must be made possible to save people.
  • Effective extinguishing work must be made possible.

Thus, the attachment of monitors in the area of ​​building entrances, in rescue and escape routes is of particular importance. These are areas that, in the event of a fire, ensure a way out for the people in the building to protect themselves and to find a way out in order to protect their health and to save lives. Therefore, every fire protection officer particularly focuses on these areas.

Monitors in all their equipment are electronic components that represent a high-risk potential in the event of a fire. According to German fire law, the installation of such systems in rescue routes is generally not permitted.

You are only on the safe side with fire protection monitors from Distec, since these fire protection monitors are certified and proven to be non-flammable.

Fire protection monitors with touchscreens

Up to now, touch solutions for fire protection monitors were not possible.

The main reason for this was the fire protection glass, which, due to its special shielding structure, prevents the PCAP touch sensor from functioning correctly. Even with monitor solutions with fire protection housing, the use of a touch screen is not possible due to the design.

Thanks to the close cooperation with our glass partners, we have succeeded in developing a solution that brings PCAP touch and fire protection glass together.

Distec is therefore the first supplier to offer an independent fire protection monitor with PCAP touch in sizes from 24.0 " to 54.6".

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