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Award as a volunteer-friendly company

Our company received a special award from the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. At the blue light reception "Safe Bavaria" in the Landshut town hall, our managing director Matthias Keller received the certificate "Volunteer-friendly company - together for more safety".

Distec received this recognition from Secretary of the Interior Sandro Kirchner, MdL, because we support the honorary office in an outstanding way.
There are now 5 employees in Germering who volunteer with the volunteer fire department. More information about the blue light reception can be found here.

We are very happy about this and thank you very much for this award.

Due to this award, the member of the state parliament Benjamin Miskowitsch (in the committee for economy and state development) and mayor Andreas Haas of the large district town Germering as well as Mrs. Maria Mastroianni (location promotion Germering) came to visit us in December in our company headquarters in Germering.

During the meeting, Mayor Haas said: "It increases safety in the city when voluntary work is supported and practiced in this way, and it also shows the company's solidarity with the city and the fire department.

Matthias Keller noted, "The price and the connection to the fire department already raise the level of awareness in the city," and emphasizes that Distec wants to remain attractive as a workplace close to home. A detailed report on the visit is available at this link.

The city of Germering also reports on it.