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Hover Touch Technology

Contactless Touchscreens

We now offer our PCAP multi-touch systems with the new Hover Touch technology. It ensures that the touch screen does not have to be touched at all, thus preventing the transmission of germs.

The finger is already detected several centimeters in front of the glass surface and a touch event is executed by pausing briefly in one spot.

As you can see in our YouTube video below , operation with gloves or styluses is also possible without problems.

The contactless and tactile operation are available simultaneously:

Contactless 3D touch operation

  • Single floating finger with a distance up to 5 cm
  • Supports passive stylus and thick gloves

Tactile 2D touch operation

  • Multi-touch with up to 10 fingers
  • supports passive stylus and thick gloves
  • No water or palm recognition possible
  • Currently available: 10.1" (in preparation 7", 12.1", 15.6")
  • Compatible with cover glasses up to 4mm thickness
  • COB & COF versions
  • Windows driver and protocol guide available
    (Linux/Android Q4/2021)
  • USB/I2C interfaces as Distec standard
  • Requires non-conductive housing
  • Gesture Support: Air Dwell, Air Tap, Air Swipe and Air Spin can replace keystrokes or scrolling

We offer the following individual customizations:

  • Type and thickness of cover glasses
  • Printing and milling of the cover glass
  • special cover glass coatings like AG (anti-glare),
    AS (anti-fingerprint ), AR (anti-reflection),
    or our new antibacterial film

Possible applications

Increased awareness of germ and virus transmission makes hover technology ideal for vending machines and interactive systems that are accessible to the public:

  • Coffee machines
  • Supermarket scales
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Order kiosks in gastronomy
  • Information systems in shopping centers, pedestrian zones or museums