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The new generation of PCAP touch analysis tools

You would like to set up your touchscreen yourself? We would be happy to provide you with the latest parameterization tools from EETI, Goodix and Ilitek if you are interested.

With these tools you can independently check, define, adjust and change the settings and parameters of your touch solution.

You can then send us your final firmware by e-mail and we will archive it for your project. All further deliveries will then be flashed with your firmware.

With the combination of your design, our pre-settings, if necessary your adaptations and the know-how of our application engineer, together we can realize a very short "time-to-market".


For example, change the sensitivity to match the thickness of your protective glass and grounding environment or for gloved operation.

Adjust the number of touch events independently to enable operation with the desired number of fingers.

Make water and palm detection settings to prevent phantom input even when your hand is wet or propped up.

Detect noise interference

For an optimal touch function it is very important to minimize noise caused by system, display and environment. With our tool you can find this noise and select the optimal working frequencies for your firmware.

You can also check the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): A good SNR stands for a low touch signal at a high noise level. This way you prevent unwanted touching behavior and pass EMC tests without any problems.