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Touch Screens

Clean room

Our touch integration competence center supports your design, evaluates the final functionality and supports your design. We supply resistive analogue and projected capacitive technologies.

Touch Mounting Service
For all touch technologies we offer the complete mounting in our clean rooms (up to class 1000).

Optical Bonding Service for Touch Screens
With our modern optical bonding technology VacuBond®Optical-Bonding, we combine touch screens and/or cover glasses with a TFT display to a complete unit.

Touch controller programming
We cooperate closely with our controller suppliers EETI, Goodix and Ilitek and have installed the necessary programming tools (in hardware and software). So we can do any customization of the Contoller firmware to your integration and grounding structure.

Driver Integration
As an engineering service we offer the software integration of I²C and Linux drivers into your system.

Customized Integrated Front Unit

Do you need a complete touch unit that you can easily integrate into your device? We are happy to produce a solution according to your wishes and offer the following services:

  •   CNC machined aluminum front
  •   custom colors (RAL) and logos
  •   IP 65 true-flat glued touch / glass
  •   custom touchscreen
  •   Multifinger function, water detection
  •   Glass thickness according to your project (up to 10 mm)
  •   Surface finish: glare, antiglare, antireflection or antifingerprint
  •   Optional: optically bonded
cusomized display-touch unit