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Industrial TFT Controllers with RGB DVI HDMI DP Video MIPI Interface

Our industrial Prisma converter board series converts different input signals into a TFT display conform TTL, LVDS, eDP or V-by-One signal. In detail our Prisma TFT Controller can drive TFT displays with the following input signals and scale the input signal to the appropriate TFT resolution, if needed:

  • TTL
  • 18/24/30-bit single / dual LVDS
  • MIPI
  • 2-Lane eDP
  • 4-Lane eDP für 4k TFT Displays
  • 8-Lane V-by-One für 4k TFT Displays

Via an OSM (On-Screen-Menu) the user can make individual settings such as adjusting the brightness, auto adjust, etc.

We also implement special features, such as:

  • customized OSD menus in all languages
  • serial protocols for remote commands
  • cross hair applications
  • text overlays
  • serial control functions of external units via GPIO, RS-232 or I²C
  • special hardware solutions (type of construction, connectors)
  • Full custom developments

Some of the Prisma TFT controller boards can be configured individually to the requirements of the customer's application by using our configuration software MarsRover or ChandlerRover.