SmartLED Backlight Converter

For optimum control of modern LED backlights our R & D department has developed the SmartLED converter series:

  • Configurable: always the right power for your LED Rail; the SmartLEDRover software enables configuring SmartLED converters individually for different TFT display types
  • Cascadable: combine SmartLED converters and control LED rails simultaneously
  • Sensors: temperature monitoring and brightness control (0..100%)
  • Dimming:
    • SmartLED-II  10000:1
    • SmartLED-IIIB  10000:1
    • SmartLED-IV  15000:1
  • Control: communicate with the converter via UART
  • Wide temperature range: Top = -30 to + 80°C and Tst = -40 to +105°C
  • Control input for NVIS (NightVision) applications

The SmartLED-II is suitable for ex-protected areas because its low voltage prevents air discharge arcing.

Does your project have special demands on the LED converter?
We customize the SmartLED converter to suit your needs.

Please contact us.