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Our PrismaMOBILITY-II is a powerful TFT controller board with DVI-I/DisplayPort input and controls all common TFT display up to a resolution of 1920x1200. Its wide operating temperature range of -20...+75°C  is perfect for outdoor applications.

PrismaMOBILITY-II's RS485 interface allows for a comprehensive remote diagnostics e.g. monitoring power, temperature and fan function. Due to outstanding EMI properties, the PrimsaMOBILITY-II fulfills the test standard EN55022 witout electromagnetic shielding.

Special Features:

  • Resolution up to 1920x1200 (progressive and interlaced)
  • Input:

    • DVI-I (VGA/DVI/HDMI1.3a/HDCP), optional Sync on Green (SOC)
    • Display Port
    • CVBS, S-Video, component Video/YPbPr

  • output: single and dual LVDS
  • Integrated supervision and control features (compatible to ARCB)

    • Constant monitoring of relevant operating parameters such as power, temperature, fan, etc.
    • Automatic backlight control with ambient light sensor

  • User defined configuration of each input interface, unused inputs can be disabled for a more clear-cut menu
  • Powerful Picture-in-picture (PIP) and Picture-and-Picture (PAP) functionalities
  • Serial interface (RS-232 / RS-485) for remote OSD functionality (full command set indentical to integrated OSD menu)
  • Via board configuration, a 4 or 6 button keypad use can be selected. Thus the customer can preset the keypad he wants to use or change the keypad without needing a custom firmware.
  • For VGA input, Sync-On-Green can be activated for more flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of video signals
  • 2 individual video modes can be defined so that no custom firmware is needed for the customer’s special video modes.
  • The output TFT frame rate can be adjusted with MarsRover. The customer can set a fixed output frame rate or range, thus optimizing the conversion of input and output frame rate. This avoids artifacts and jerking of the content.
  • Power supply: Vcc + 9V...+ 36V
  • DDC/CI functions
  • Modern EMI design: EN55022 class A without housing


  • Ambient Light Sensor for automatic brightness control (I²C)
  • Temperature sensor for monitoring the internal temperature (I²C)
  • Infrared remote control
  • OSD menu in all languages / characters e.g. Arabic, Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Cyrillic, Turkish
  • Elektronic lense (selected "window" zoomed on output resolution)
  • PrismaRemoteControl software for serial control of basic functions, please contact us if interested

    • compatible with Prisma-II, Prisma-III and Prisma-IIIA
    • compatible for Windows XP and Windows7 64bit O/S
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Signal source
    • Display mode 16:9 or 4:3 or fill

Technical Data

Resolution (min)
Resolution (max)
Temperature Range Top
Temperature Range Tst
Inputs [Vcc in]
Component Video (YPbPr)
DisplayPort 1.1a
LVDS 18/24-bit single/dual