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High Brightness Monitors

Large monitors with strong backlight for bright environments

In areas with bright ambient light such as shop windows, outdoors or in a brightly lit atrium, monitors with normal backlight brightness can be difficult to read. Distec offers a range of products with a particularly strong backlight that are ideal in these conditions.

These monitors feature a backlight brightness of 1000 cd/m² up to 2500 cd/m² and are available in sizes of 31.5" and 54.6". To protect the panels they are equipped with temperature monitoring and brightness control as a standard. In case of high temperatures or low ambient light, the monitor will automatically regulate the screen brightness down in steps.

The 31.5" monitors can optionally be supplemented with a removeable PC box with Intel® Atom or Intel® Core-i5 processors. In the 54.6" range, we offer complete IQ monitors with integrated PC. A sturdy metal housing underlines our principle of development in accordance with industrial quality criteria.

Customized solutions are also possible on a project basis.