Outdoor use? No problem!

The G156HAN04.1 TFT display from AUO offers outstanding image quality even under challenging environmental conditions. With a temperature range of -30 to +85°C and a brightness of 1500cd/m², it provides a clear, accurate image with optimal readability even in extreme cold, heat, and direct sunlight.

This 15.6-inch Full HD display is driven via an LVDS interface and features AHVA viewing angle technology, allowing for a viewing angle of 89° from all directions and preventing color shifts when viewed from the side. The LED converter for controlling the backlight is already integrated into the panel.

Would you like to experience the G156HA04.1 for yourself? Samples are available from stock in Germering.

Upon request, we also offer tailored solutions, such as a kit with our PrismaMediaECO-II TFT controller for easy integration into your project. Additionally, we can provide touchscreen options for interactive operation and protective glass for added environmental protection.

Just let us know!


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