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No chance for viruses and bacteria on touch displays

Due to many different users, touch-displays easily become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria and thus a health risk. Distec now offers its POS-PRO display solutions with a new antibacterial and antiviral display protection film. It destroys SARS-CoV-2 or noroviruses, but also bacteria within a few minutes and drastically reduces the risk of infection via the touch display without the need for constant disinfection.

The crystal clear display protection film does not restrict the touch function in any way. When viruses and bacteria come into contact with the film, they are destroyed and the pathogen is inactivated. At the same time, the film is very resistant: it retains its effectiveness for up to 30,000 touch events and tolerates all common cleaning agents. After its useful life, the film can be removed without leaving any residue and renewed.

Do you want to protect your customers from disease transmission? We deliver our POS-PRO display solutions with exactly fitting anti-viral display protection film. On a project basis, we also equip other displays with the film. Ideal for more protection against infection in all public areas, for example for ticket and cash machines or lift controls.

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