Extremely bright 55" & 75" TFT displays

BOE offers a 55" and 75" TFT display with an impressive brightness of 3500cd/m². The DV550QUM-R11 and the DV750QUM-R11 are therefore perfectly readable even in very bright ambient light. Their UHD resolution of 3840x2160 pixels guarantees a sharp display of your content and the V-by-One interface ensures fast data transfer

For easy control, we will be happy to supply you with a complete kit solution with our Prisma-4K TFT controller. To prevent the displays from blinding the viewer when the ambient brightness is not that high, we offer the IF412 brightness sensor. It adjusts the display brightness according to the ambient brightness. This means that your content is always perfectly readable without blinding the viewer. You also save energy because the display is always only as bright as necessary. All BOE TFT displays are longterm available and have an attractive price-performance ratio

Samples of the DV550QUM-R11 and DV750QUM-R11 are currently available from stock. We are looking forward to your inquiry.