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DIN Rail Kit for Distec Box PCs

You would also like to install your BoxPC in a control cabinet or distribution box? Then we have good news, because from now on the Distec Box PCs are available with DIN Rail Mounting Kit KI-90-033. And the best thing is: No more screws can get lost during mounting.

Especially for the requirements in building automation and for professional installations, computer systems for DIN Rail mounting are recommended. Due to their design, they can be installed easily and space-saving directly on a DIN rail in the distribution box of the building installation or in the control cabinet at the production line.

With our kit, the screws are fixed in such a way that they can no longer fall off and get lost. This allows, for example, our fanless, compact Embedded Box PCs Pro 7300 and Pro NPA-1904 with Intel® Core™ i U-Series i5-7300U processors to be excellently attached to mounting rails. You can easily control external LVDS TFT displays, USB touch controllers or other external devices such as webcams via the special docking connector of our Box PCs.

The locked installation in the cabinet protects the devices against theft and damage, e.g. when used in harsh industrial environments or in public buildings.

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Box-PC Pro 7300

Box-PCs Pro NPA-1904