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Distec Touch Screens

We have added new Distec 5″ to 32″ (12.7 to 81.28cm) projected capacitive touch screens with modern white or black sealing to our lineup. These multi-touch screens feature fast response time and low power consumption.

We can implement our I²C version's  Android driver into your Linux Kernel (e.g. Linux Kernel 2.6.27).A part from the competitive priced I²C controller versions, we offer the HID compliant USB controller versions. These do not require drivers for modern operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux or Android).

The touch screens calibrate automatically when being initialized and when environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity) change. The Data Display Group offers these touch screens also as a complete unit - optically bonded to a TFT display.

For selected niche TFTs e.g. 10,1″ (25.65cm) we offer resistive analog touch screens, which are connector compatible to the DMC series.