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Ortustech TFT Displays

Ortustech New Blanview Technologie

Ortus Technology (ORTUSTECH) is a Japanese manufacturer of small and medium-sized high-quality TFT displays, designed for use in outdoor applications. ORTUSTECH is a pioneer on the LCD sector with more than 30 years of industrial display experience.

ORTUSTECH's innovative Blanview technology perfectly combines the advantages of transmissive and transflective displays: optimum readability and colour fidelity under almost all viewing angles and lighting conditions, even when exposed to direct sunlight, are main features of this technology. Since Blanview displays also show an up to 60% reduced power consumption (compared to conventional transmissive displays), this technology is perfect for all mobile applications and battery driven devices. The lower power consumption also reduces the heat generated by the display during operation. Especially when exposed to direct sunlight, this is an invaluable advantage.

Blanview Power Consumption

ORTUSTECH's very compact panels open up new markets and applications in industrial as well as commercial environments. For easy installation of the MIPI TFT displays we developed the PrismaMIPI-HDMI and PrismaMIPI-LVDS TFT controller boards.

For COM70H7M24ULC and COM50H5N01ULC we offer IF420-00 and IF420-01: gender boards for the conversion of the TFT tales to LVDS with integrated LED converter.

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TFT displays with Blanview technology offer low power consumption and excellent readability in any ambient light.

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TFT displays with New Blanview technology offer high resolution and low power consumption with further improved color purity, reflection and transmission for perfect readability in all ambient light conditions. In addition, they offer a very wide, symmetrical viewing angle thanks to VA technology.