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New TFT Display Manufacturers

The young and wild

These young Asian manufacturers have set themselves the goal of making TFT trends in the mobile market accessible to industrial applications. We currently offer sizes from 5.5 "(Full HD) to 24", but will gradually expand our range by select displays.

Our AMOLED displays are very bright and feature a wide temperature range.
Despite their compact size, the TFT displays from Beverly Display and Microtech offer a high resolution.
DLC's ready-to-connect HDMI modules feature built-in multi-touch screens and, like a standard monitor, can easily be operated after connecting them to an HDMI and USB port. These modules are also a perfect match when combined with Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately, the availability is more uncertain than with our traditional partners, but without this venture we have no access to these special products. For projects, we can keep a buffer stock for you to minimize the risk.

For easy control, we also supply these TFTs as complete LVDS- or HDMI-MIPI or as HDMI / VGA / DP kits.

Our SmartLED converters provide a perfect high bright LED backlight control.