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Mitsubishi TFT Displays

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi plans to discontinue its entire TFT display production by June 2022. For details please refer to the official EOL announcement.

We did define successor models for the Mitsubishi TFTs that will be discontinued in June 2021. Some are 100% compatible, so that no redesign engineering is necessary, others are very similar and require a slight redesign engineering.

Right now we offer compatible versions for the following Mitsubishi TFTs:

  • AA070ME01
  • AA070MC01
  • AA070ME11
  • AA070MC11
  • AA084XE01
  • AA084XB01
  • AA084XE11
  • AA084XD01
  • AA084XD11

and more will follow soon. We will find an alternative solution for you - please contact us

Mitsubishi is a leading Japanese manufacturer of highly reliable quality TFT displays in sizes from 3.5" to 19.2". These offer an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of up to -40°C to +85°C and are perfectly suitable for outdoor applications. Displays with either 4-wire resistive or projected capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors are also available and the latter already featuring an integrated touch controller. The touch screens are either tape assembled or optically bonded directly during production.

Our SmartLED converters provide a perfect hibrite LED backlight control for the displays without integrated converter.

Of course we can supply you with a complete kit solution or add individual cover glasses or touchscreens on a project basis, please contact us!


The AT-series TFT displays are particularly robust and resist vibrations of up to 6.8G, which makes them suitable for e.g. construction or agricultural machinery. Even with these loads, the lifespan is still specified with impressive 100,000 hours.