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LG TFT Displays

LG Display is a leading manufacturer of TFT panels for a wide range of applications.

The modern LG displays apply to the following fields:

  • Monitors
  • Industrial or mobile applications
  • Info screen / multimedia applications

Of course we are ready to supply completely tested plug-and play kit solutions.


Displays with in-cell Touchscreen

For the new in-TOUCH TFT displays, LG Display integrates a capacitive multi-touch screen directly into the LCD cell. These displays offer excellent touch functionality and a space-saving design. Reflections are significantly lower than with displays with an external touch screen, so that the contents are easier to read.

The in-TOUCH Displays:

  • are very narrow and light
  • feature a 10-finger multi-touch function,
  • an excellent image quality and
  • IPS wide angle technology