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Innolux TFT Displays

 Innolux is one of the worldwide leading TFT manufacturers. The special advantages of their 6.95" to 65" (17,526cm to 165.1 cm) displays are a wide viewing angle of all directions (MVA and AAS technology) and a wide temperature range of up to Top -40…+85 and Tst -40…+95°C.

Therefore, these displays are perfect for industrial applications as well as multimedia and advertising applications even outdoors. Of youre we can supply a complete plug and play kit solution with our TFT controllers and all necessary cables.

Innolux guarantees a minimum availability of 5 years from product launch, respectively design start for all G-series displays.

We also supply transparent Innolux TFTs, which can show content while you are still able to see objects behind the display, due to their high light transmissivity.