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AUO TFT Displays

AU Optronics Corp. produces TFT displays providing an excellent price performance ratio.

We offer long-term available industrial TFTs with integrated LED converter in sizes from 12.7 cm (5") to 71.12 cm (28").

For easy installation we offer these TFTs as a complete HDMI/VGA/DP kit solution. For the MIPI TFT displays we developed the PrismaMIPI-HDMI and PrismaMIPI-LVDS TFT controller boards.

We also provide matching resistive analog and PCAP (I²C or USB) touchscreens, also customized solutions.

The Public Information Displays (PID) for advertising and infotainment are available in sizes from 72.64 cm to 215.9 cm (29" to 85"), with various brightness levels up to 4500cd/m² and can be used in 24/7 permanent operation. 

Moreover we provide special AUO displays:

Transparent TFT Displays

Transparent DID displays offer a high light transmissivity. Due to the transparency, you are able to see objects behind the display during operation. Therefore, transparent displays are ideal for shop windows, furniture constructions, product presentations and other digital signage applications.

Your project asks for a special display size?
For project > 500 pcs. (from 6,5″ to 19″) and > 250pcs. (from 21,5″ to 32″) we produce transparent TFT displays in all sizes available on the market.

Bar Type Displays

Bar Type or wide format displays are very wide at a low height and due to this special format offer extraordinary possibilities for displaying your content. As over-head displays in public transportation, fast food restaurants or elevators they accentuate your contents without requiring as much space as a standard display.

We supply bar type displays also as a VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/Video kit solution and make sure that the OSD menu is visible completely on the display via a special controller board firmware.