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IoT Compact Panels

The IoT Compact Panels are TFT display solutions with our in house developed Raspberry PI based TFT controller Artista-IoT. They are a perfect basis for industry 4.0 and Internet of Things projects. The modular design allows fast and easy integration into customer applications.

For the IoT Compact Panels, we use high-quality industrial TFT displays and components. All IoT Compact Panels are ready to use plug-and-play solutions. Due to an integrated passive cooling the system can be operated under full load even at high ambient temperatures.

Thanks to the Artista-IoT, the IoT Compact Panels benefited from all the advantages of an ARM PC such as single 12V power supply, LAN, HDMI, 2xUSB, Line Out and Micro SD as front interfaces. In addition, they offer USB, LVDS, I²C, UART and power supply via DC / DC converters as internal interfaces. WLAN adapters can be connected, too. Optionally an infrared remote control, an OSD keypad and a light sensor are available. As a special feature, the system offers an HDMI input, which can also be used to display external content.

Based on the Raspberry Pi, users can easily program their own applications and benefit from the support of a large community. All Raspberry-supported operating systems can be used. Optionally, we offer ready-to-use standard applications such as the VideoPoster-IV and other software solutions.

We also supply slim TFT display solutions with HDMI, Display Port and VGA input, based on our PrismaCOMPACT-Media TFT controller board. Read more on our Compact Panels.