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Distec Compact Panels

Compact Panels with HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA input are ultra slim TFT displays for integration. They were developed as technologically optimized successor to Samsung's popular Smart Panel series. The very small depth (e.g. only 12.7mm for the 10.1" CompactPanel) even allows integrating them in movable elements e.g. front doors.

All Compact Panels are equipped with our in-house developed slim PrismaCOMPACT-Media controller board.

Right now Compact Panels are available insizes from 25.654 cm (10.1") to 80.01 cm (31.5"). However we can provide the Compact Panel concept with many other TFT displays of your choice on a project basis. Please contact us, we will advise you.

As accessories for an easy connection and operation of our Compact Panels there are a connector board kit, cables and an OSD board available. Please click here for an overview on our Compact Panel accessories.

As an alternative we supply our Raspberry Pi based IoT Compact Panels, providing all advantages of an ARM PC. Program your own applications fast and easily.

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Compact Panels