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Industrial Media Player for full-HD Slide Shows


The DigiPoster-III is a full HD capable network player which plays back slide shows and is based on our hardware platform ArtistaNET-III. Slide shows can be loaded or updated via Ethernet or via USB memory stick.

The benefits of our DigiPoster-III at a glance:

  • Still images and slide shows in highest possible quality (max. 1920x1080 pixels)
  • Display sizes: 16.26 cm (6.4") to 208.28 cm (82")
  • Resolution: VGA to Full-HD
  • 24-Bit color depth
  • Various image transitions adjustable via the playlist
  • Maintenance-free
  • Power consumption: typ. approx. 5W
  • Easy to use, Windows-based, cost-free software Artista Control Center to create slide shows and to upload them via Ethernet
  • Automatic update of content (FTP server)
  • Can also be used as stand-alone device (without network access)




For a quick and easy integration of our DigiPoster-III we have developed specially adapted software:

  • Artista Device Finder (ADF):for a quick configuration of DigiPoster-III
  • Artista Control Center (ACC): cost-free, network-compatible content software for an easy operation of DigiPoster-III
  • HTTP Control Demo: software for easy integration in existing content management systems (CMS).

For further details on these software and downloads please visit our service pages.

Customizing of the hardware as well as the firmware is possible.
Please contact us.

Please consider:
DigiPoster-III network players are only available in connection with a TFT display since control cards and controller boards for TFT displays must be adjusted or configured to the TFT display.