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Haptic Touch

TanvasTouch surface haptics in compact industrial HMI solutions

Together with Tanvas, Inc. we offer ready-made industrial touch monitors with software-defined tactile textures and haptic effects on the touch surface.

Previous technologies for implementing haptic feedback on touchscreens, such as electromechanical and vibrotactile haptics, are not suitable for fixed, IP-protected HMIs because these technologies require a certain amount of movement for the front glass. The innovative TanvasTouch solution, on the other hand, uses electroadhesion and therefore does not require moving parts. Here, the frictional resistance of the surface is influenced by locally defined electrical fields. These changes in resistance can then be felt as fine textures, edges and bumps.

Innovation brings programmable haptics technology to the industrial marketplace

The behavior, size and position of the fields can be customized for individual use via an API. This results in an unlimited number of definable tactile effects that allow the user to perceive the controls on a touchscreen even without full visual attention.

Advantages with this technology:

  • The versatility of displays and the haptic advantages of mechanical keys combined in our monitors
  • Haptic Touch is easy to integrate and does not create additional complexity in the system
  • slim, front-protected IP65 stainless steel housing
  • tactile structures can be displayed on the touchscreen
  • Different haptic zones on one surface
  • Can also be used in conjunction with pressure-dependent haptics to prevent unwanted operations or actions when zones are palpated
  • Electroadhesion-based surface haptics eliminate problems caused by vibration, air gaps or structural limitations

TanvasTouch is available on Distec's 10.1" POS-PRO monitors and panel PCs. All sizes from 7" to 15.6" will gradually follow. Other sizes are available on a project basis.

Vibrotactile haptics
Effects are generated by vibration
Touch sensor and haptic actuator are separated
Moves the entire surface

TanvasTouch surface haptics
Effects are generated by friction
Touch sensing + haptic transmission/actuator are combined
Electro adhesion modulates friction forces on the skin

New dimension through haptic feedback

TanvasTouch surface haptics offers a new dimension of interaction by bringing software-defined tactile textures to flat surfaces.
It can be incorporated into any touch-sensitive product in many application areas, including automotive, consumer electronics and custom displays.