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TFT Kit Solutions with Intel® or AMD® IPC platforms

Here you can find an overview of all our currently available display kits:

Board / TFT-Display Kits – Single-Board Computer (SBCs)

TFT kit solutions with Single-Board Computers or Motherboards

We have specialized in offering you a contrasting range of products which

  • helps you to realize cost-effective IPC solutions (price leadership)
  • covers your maximum technology and performance requirements (high-end)

For this purpose we offer you in both segments the technical support in hardware and software and configure this solution with one of the TFT displays of our partners to a Plug&Play-Kit.
As IPC accessories we offer you tested memories, SD cards, SSD drives and installed user SW (Linux, WIN).

You will find preconfigured and tested solutions consisting of display and single board computer or motherboard with Intel® and AMD® processor and certified accessories. Benefit from our years of know-how.

If the desired combination between TFT display and Single-Board Computer is not available as a standard solution, we will gladly create your own individial kit for you. Please contact us with the requirements of your application and select a Single-Board Computer or a Motherboard from our portfolio. We will combine your selected Single-Board Computer or Motherboard with the desired display and all necessary accessories according to your requirements:

  •    memory
  •     flash memory
  •     touchscreen
  •     expansion cards
  •     standard and customer-specific cables
  •     standard and customer-specific cooling solution
  •     pre-installed Windows operating system

Your advantages:

  •     extensive support and advice for the selection of suitable products
  •     long-term availablity
  •     industrial quality
  •     optimal solution for your application
  •     upon request: customer-specific adjustments
  •     optional mounting in your housing
  •     technical support