Distec GmbH
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Distec's monitor product range

Our product portfolio includes public displays, fire load optimized monitors (BLO), high brightness monitors for shop windows and outdoor applications, 4Kmonitors, panel PCs, touch monitors and video wall monitors. IoT monitors for your HMI and Industry 4.0 needs complete the portfolio.

During development and production of our monitor solutions, we always consider the professional application. You will receive an industrial display that is completely based on industrial components, long term available and characterized by high product quality.


Flame retardant, fire load and flue gas optimized monitors with certificate. These monitors are suitable for areas with stringent fire safety requirements, such as hospitals or airports.

Touch Monitors

with integrated touchscreen, also with multitouch function

Panel PCs

Intelligent monitors with integrated powerful PC and touch option.

IoT Monitors

intelligent monitors with Distec's IoT controller based on Raspberry Pi