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IP protected monitors

The plug-and-play, CE-certified POS-PRO TFT display modules with stainless steel chassis offer IP65 protection on the front against dust and water jets. Therefore the robust monitors withstand the high demands of harsh industrial environments.

The ultra-flat design and the integrated 10 finger PCAP touchscreen create an elegant, versatile all-round monitor solution. 

From February we can also offer you the POS-PRO monitors with Haptic Touch.

We produce 3 different series of POS-PRO modules in sizes from 7" to 17.3" (17.78 to 43.94cm) with different controllers in order supply you the optimal solution for all application areas:




Impressive IP protection demonstration

In our first short film we demonstrate the performance of our IP65-protected POS-PRO series under the motto "show, don't describe". Impressively, a POS-PRO monitor faces an extreme water test.

Robust complete solutions are only one of our many competences - just contact us.





The devices of the POS-MO-PRO series are controlled with the proven Prisma card. The devices can be operated with either 12 or 24V and have the common input sources such as DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA. The Distec monitor series POS-MO-PRO is the basis of the POS-PRO family. All devices have a robust design, are sealed at the front according to IP65 and are equipped with a 10 finger PCAP touch.

POS-4K-PRO Series

The ultra high definition POS-4K-PRO monitors feature a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and offer impressive, detailed and brilliant display. They are controlled via Distec's latest, highly efficient TFT controller PrismaEco-4K.


The POS-RP-PRO monitors are controlled via the Artista-IoT TFT controller, which is based on the Raspberry Pi with the compute module CM3 / CM3 +. Thus users can easily program their own applications or use one of the numerous operating systems supported by Raspberry Pi.


The panel PCs of the POS-IQ-PRO series are based on a powerful Intel® x86 Pentium® CPU and support a wide voltage input range from 9 to 36 volts.
They provide the following interfaces:
2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort and RS-232/422/485 as well as 4 GB high-speed RAM and an SSD for industrial use with 64 GB memory.

POS-I-PRO Series

The new, round 3.4" touch monitors of the POS-I-PRO series are available in a total of 4 expansion stages: from the display with mini-HDMI connector in a robust aluminum housing to the ready-to-connect HMI solution with integrated Raspberry Pi and convenient installation frame. The included software Embedded Wizzard can be used to create real round display content.

Here can find out more about our POS-I-PRO monitors.

POS-Line, High Brightness, Brilan 4K

Selected models of our POS-Line, high brightness and Brilan 4K monitors also have IP protection and are therefore ideally suited for harsh environmental conditions. The monitors are available in screen sizes from 38.1 cm (15") to 165.1 cm (65") and can be equipped with both touch screen and PC.

An overview of the product lines, regardless of IP protection, can be found here:
POS-Line, High Brightness, Brilan 4K