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Blaze Load Optimized Displays

Only Distec offers: non-combustible monitors of the highest fire protection class

A1 - non-combustible, WITHOUT proportions of combustible building materials:

Distec BLO-Line Monitors

For comparison:
A2 - non-combustible WITH proportions of combustible building materials.

B-s1,d0 - the best level in the class of flame-retardant products:

Distec POS-Line BLO Monitore

Distec fire protection monitors - as safe as brick, steel and concrete!

It is important to use monitors that do not pose a fire hazard. In case of fire, they should cause as little smoke and fire load as possible.

This is exactly what we offer!

The new BLO-Line monitors are certified according to fire protection class A1, which also applies to bricks, steel and concrete. These fire protection monitors -optional with touch- offer the highest level of safety in the event of a fire. They are available in sizes from 24" to 65" in parallel to the previous B-s1, d0 certified monitors. Distec uses durable displays that are designed for 24/7 operation.


Special fire protection features of our BLO-Line:

- suitable for escape routes

- special fire protection glass (with or without touch screen)

- Materials do not develop smoke gases and do not contribute to the fire load

- with fire protection class certificate


The fire behavior, i.e. the flammability and combustibility of the monitors, was determined following the SBI method according to DIN EN13823:2015-02 and EN13823-2020-09 2. Heat and smoke development are evaluated, as well as burning dripping. The fire test was carried out in accordance with the European standard as per DIN EN13501-1.