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Fire protection classes

There are no defined fire protection classes for monitors in the EU and in Germany. That is why the classification is based on the standards for building materials.

The European Standard EN13501-1 is a classification system for the fire behavior of building products with additional consideration for the development of smoke gas and dripping off. As there is no classification system for electronic devices, monitors are tested based on this standard using the SBI method according to EN 13823: 2015-02. The necessary fire test was carried out at the MFPA Leipzig, a society for materials research and testing center for construction, based on the above-mentioned standards and the results were confirmed by an independent expert. The MFPA Leipzig is a recognized testing, monitoring and certification body. With the fire tests carried out, Distec can offer fire protection displays of the classes B-s1, d0 and A1 which allows a precise classification of the monitors as follows:

(A1) non-flammable

(B) hardly flammable

(s1) none or very little development of smoke gas and

(d0) no dripping off

Classification in fire protection classes for Distec monitors