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High resolution - industrial quality

Distec's Brilan 4K monitors stand for brilliant, detailed visualization and robust high quality workmanship. If you reqeuire a flawless, high-resolution image quality for your application, this product is the right choice!

To control the Brilan 4K monitors, powerful controllers are used, which can process various input signals such as HDMI or DisplayPort 1.2a. Interfaces for firmware updates and additional functions are available as well as an infrared sensor. Moreover the scaling function is supported.

In addition to controllers that are externally supplied with information, the new Brilan 4K is also available with a separate PC box, which can be docked on the monitor. Thus the monitor can be operated independantly from external sources of information.

Our Brilan 4K monitors are daisy chain capable. Daisy chain in this case means that multiple monitors are connected in series. The image information is passed through the monitors from one PC, so that several monitors display contiguous content.