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High resolution - industrial quality

The 4K UHD monitors from Distec with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels stand for brilliant, detailed visualization and high-quality, robust manufacture. If a flawless, high-resolution image quality is important for your application, these products are the perfect choice!
Powerful controllers that can process a wide variety of input signals such as HDMI or DisplayPort are used to control the 4K monitors.

We offer two different series:

Brilan 4K Series

The Brilan 4K monitors are available in sizes from 43" to 75" with bezel options from Open Frame to True Flat Glass. In addition to controllers that are supplied with information from the outside, the Brilan 4K is also available with a separate PC box to be attached to the monitor or an integrated Android solution. The monitor can thus be operated independently of external information sources. Optionally, we can also equip the monitors with a 10 finger PCAP touchscreen.

The Brilan 4K monitors are daisy chain capable. Several monitors are connected in series. The image information is then passed on from one monitor to the next in order to use it to display related information.

POS-4K-PRO Series

We currently offer a 15.6" monitor in this series, but other sizes are planned (17,3" from Q1/2021). The monitor is front-side IP65 protected from dust and water jets and sits in a milled aluminum front frame with a stainless steel chassis. This makes it particularly robust and resistant for Use in harsh environments. Controlled via Distec's latest, powerful 4K TFT controller the device also features an integrated 10 finger PCAP touchscreen for easy operation.