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TFT Kit Solutions with Intel® and AMD® Processors

TFT kit solutions with Single-Board Computers or Motherboards

Are you looking for a ready to connect plug-and-play kit solution including a TFT display and a Single-Board Computer or a Motherboard? Then you have come to the right place. Profit from our long-lasting experience and know-how.

At Distec you can find preconfigured and tested solutions consisting of a display and a Single-Board Computer or a Motherboard with certified accessories.

If the desired combination between TFT display and Single-Board Computer is not available as a standard solution, we will gladly create your own individial kit for you. Please contact us with the requirements of your application and select a Single-Board Computer or a Motherboard from our portfolio. We will combine your selected Single-Board Computer or Motherboard with the desired display and all necessary accessories according to your requirements:

  •    memory
  •     flash memory
  •     touchscreen
  •     expansion cards
  •     standard and customer-specific cables
  •     standard and customer-specific cooling solution
  •     pre-installed Windows operating system

Your advantages:

  •     extensive support and advice for the selection of suitable products
  •     long-term availablity
  •     industrial quality
  •     optimal solution for your application
  •     upon request: customer-specific adjustments
  •     optional mounting in your housing
  •     technical support

Here you can find an overview of all our currently available display kits:

Board / TFT-Display Kits – Single-Board Computer (SBCs)