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Respond flexibly, lead customers

Digital signage increases attention with a varied mix of advertising, information and entertainment. At the same time, using displays, display steles or video walls can significantly enhance your sales floor and up-to-date offers guide your customers to your shop.

Poster advertising is static and inflexible, today digital ads with individualized and changing messages draw attention. More and more branches of trade benefit from the chances of flexible and cost-effective presentation by using digital media content to arouse the interest of customers.

Do use the eye catcher effect and targeted advertising messages to showcase specific products. Adjust your visualized offers depending on the location, the time of day or your sales target.


This product line consists of extraordinary monitors with special features and designs, as well as a very low depth.

High Bright Series

Perfectly readable in bright surroundings

BLO-Line Monitors

Non combustible monitors for more safety in public areas

POS-Line Series

for professional use; in various diagonals and variants, standard or customized