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Industrial Monitors

Distec provides you with long-lasting monitor solutions, which are characterized by a robust TFT display with a long availability and long lifetime. Even difficult environmental conditions and harsh areas of application are no problem for our monitors.

Reliability, flexibility and a fail-safe design - this is what a Distec monitor solution stands for.

Industrial monitors are particularly suitable for challenging environmental conditions, e.g. in the field of industrial control and order processing. The monitors feature connections for VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI / DVI, USB or can be configured with a CPU as a Panel PC. Optionally, they are available with touch or protective glass.


This product line consists of extraordinary monitors with special features and designs, as well as a very low depth.

Touch Monitore

with integrated touchscreen, also with multi-touch function

Panel PCs

Intelligent monitors with integrated powerful PC and touch option.

4K Monitore

Detailed, brilliant visualization with UHD resolution

IoT Monitors

intelligent monitors with Distec's IoT controller based on Raspberry Pi