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Embedded motherboards are high quality motherboards, which are specially designed for industrial use. They have high quality components, are long-term available with up to 7~15 years and are subject to PCN and EOL process.

The form factor ATX, Micro-ATX, Flex-ATX and Mini-ITX describes the mounting option and size of a motherboard (also called mainboard). The standardization makes it possible to exchange boards of the same size, possibly even with different form factors, with each other. For example, this standardization makes it possible to use several motherboards of different performance classes or different manufacturers in one system without having to change the cutouts for the I/Os or mounting every time. Only a small selection of the current motherboards is listed in the overview. Further motherboards are available on request.

We offer you a diverse product range so that you can develop cost-effective IPC solutions while covering your maximum technology and performance requirements.
For this purpose we offer you technical support in the segments hardware and software and configure a plug&play kit solution with one of our partners' flat panel displays.

As IPC accessories we offer you tested memories, SD cards, SSD drives and installed user software (Linux, WIN).

Please see our roadmaps for more information on our product range:

Embedded Roadmap Motherboards