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Touch drivers for MacOS

You have Macs in your system landscape and want to use them to control large touch displays? Often the driver support for touch operation under MacOS is only rudimentary. Our POS-Line and BLO-Line monitors with screen sizes of 42", 46" and 55" are fully MacOS compatible with TrueFlat Touch option and can be ordered directly with the appropriate driver suite.

Both series are particularly suitable for harsh environmental conditions and use in industrial environments. In addition to pure monitor solutions, there are variants with integrated computer on x86 or ARM basis, which can optionally be equipped with our software VideoPoster, WebPoster or

For public spaces, our fire protection monitors offer a special plus in safety. BLO-Line monitors are certified according to fire protection class A1, which also applies to bricks, steel and concrete. In the event of a fire, they produce no smoke and cause only a minimal fire load. This even makes them suitable for mounting in escape routes!

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