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Readable with sunglasses

Summer is approaching and with it the problem that some TFT displays are difficult to read with polarized sunglasses. This is because displays also contain polarizing filters. With a certain alignment of sunglasses and display, the displayed content can be filtered out completely, in the worst case. Then the display is readable only if the viewer tilts his head or removes his sunglasses. The new 32'' AUO TFT display P320HVN04.5 provides a solution. This display can be read with polarized sunglasses without any restrictions in portrait mode and offers even more advantages:

Its high brightness of 1500cd/m², a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and the High TNI liquid crystal (-40~110°) ensure optimal readability in sunlight. Thanks to A-MVA technology, it features a wide viewing angle for a perfect readability from the sides. To prevent the display from being too bright when the sun is not shining, the brightness can be dimmed from 0 to 100%. This can even be done automatically with Distec's Prisma TFT controllers and the brightness sensor IF412. The sensor measures the ambient brightness and the TFT controller adjusts the display brightness accordingly. This guarantees optimal readability of your display content at all times and avoids unnecessary power consumption.

Samples of the P320HVN04.5 are currently available from stock. We would be happy to provide you with an offer for the display or the complete kit solution with controller board, brightness sensor and all necessary cables.

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