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Now it's all round at Distec with the POS-I-PRO series

With the new, round POS-I-PRO monitor series, you can create exciting designs for a wide range of applications. Until now, round displays could only be realised with laminated rectangular displays. In contrast, our four POS-I-PRO models are a native solution with a 3.4 inch screen diagonal and a resolution of 800x800 pixels. An optically bonded PCAP multi-touch screen with up to 10 simultaneous touch points is integrated in all units and protected from scratches and damage by a hardened protective glass.

Distec has another innovative new feature for the POS-I-PRO round display modules: conventional operating systems are currently only able to display a rectangular desktop, which means that the content in the corners is cut off on a round display. Based on the Embedded Wizard software, we deliver a basic framework for true round displays together with the units.

The basic model POS-I-034-00-PRO-V1 has a Micro HDMI input for the image signal, as well as a combined USB-C connection for touch and power supply. The powder-coated aluminium housing is integrated via threaded bolts at the rear and is sealed at the front against dust and water jets according to IP65.

Variant two consists of the basic model including cable and strain relief. The POS-I-034-00-PRO-V3 additionally offers a Raspberry Pi 4B, which is installed in its own housing with passive cooling. This can be mounted separately from the display unit.

A complete MMI module is available with the POS-I-034-00-PRO-V4. The display unit and the Raspberry Pi are mounted in a housing with a mounting frame. Various threads, holes and cut-outs make integration very easy.

Round displays offer completely new perspectives for industrial displays and advertising, but also for shipbuilding and furniture construction, designer pieces and smart homes.

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Further information is available on our POS-I-PRO page