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13. June 2018

Easy control of MIPI TFT displays: PrismaMIPI-HDMI / LVDS

PrismaMIPI TFT Controller
The trend towards more compact TFT displays with higher-resolution increased the demand for more efficient display technologies. LVDS is too inflexible as an interface protocol for these new requirements. The MIPI Alliance (Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance), an association of numerous well-known electronic companies, has therefore developed the MIPI-DSI (Display Serial Interface), which is increasingly used for TFT displays with small diagonals and high resolutions from 720x1280. The versatile MIPI-DSI is an energy-efficient high-speed interface with low liability for interference.

To integrate MIPI TFT displays quickly and easily into modern applications, we developed the Prisma-MIPI TFT controller. It is available in two versions: PrismaMIPI-HDMI and PrismaMIPI-LVDS. Both consist of a baseboard that is especially adapted to the corresponding TFT display and an HDMI to MIPI-DSI respectively a single/dual LVDS to MIPI-DSI bridge module.
We develop the baseboard of the PrismaMIPI TFT controller for any MIPI TFT display quickly and cost effectively. PrismaMIPI is already available for the following TFT displays:

Ampire AM-7201280HTZQW-00H
AUO G080UAN01.0
Ortustech COM50H5N03ULC
Ortustech COM48H4N22ULC

We are glad to adapt the PrismaMIPI to your display. Please contact us.



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