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New 55" and 65" touch panels from Distec

As LG INNOTEK is withdrawing from the touch panel business, we as Distec are proud to offer equally performant replacement solutions for the Metal-Mesh touch products that even offer some additional features.

Today we would like to present two Metal-Mesh touch panels developed by Distec in 55″ and 65″ sizes: The TP-DD5500-A01 as well as the TP-DD6500-A00. For the controllers we work together with our longtime partner EETI and use their latest chip generation.

The special feature of the touch panels is the extensive stylus support, thanks to which up to four different active pens can be used simultaneously (eGalax protocol and Microsoft Pen protocol). The separately available eGalaxPens offer different pen tips and charging options. For example, a thick marker pen that is particularly suitable for these large touch panels is available for use as a whiteboard.

Due to their outstanding interference immunity of CS 10 Vrms and RS 50 V/m, the two touch panels exceed usual tests in normal industrial environments and are thus also ideally suited for medical applications. In addition, the touch panels have water, palm and object detection and can even be operated with thick gloves or under the influence of water. In addition to the USB and I2C interfaces, both models also have RS232.
For their diagonal, the touch panels have an extraordinarily slim bezel (passepartout). Last but not least, customer-specific cover glasses of up to 10 mm thickness can be added.

The two touch panels are available immediately.

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