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Your expectations - our demand for quality

Would you like to offer your customers brilliant colors and details for your monitors and combine good design with the reliability of an industrial display panel?

With around 8 million pixels compared to 2 million pixels on a full HD monitor, 4K offers four times more details in the image, which is reflected in the perception of more brilliance, image sharpness and detail accuracy. This results in clear, pristine picture quality. Your customers will feel like they can see much better!

They stand for perfect presentation and high-quality workmanship in a sustainable overall solution.

Since the FHD panels we use for 42" and 54.6" are no longer available, you now have the opportunity to choose these sizes as 4K variants from our portfolio according to your requirements. Both sizes are available in the various versions of our 4K series. We are currently also developing 4K solutions for the sizes 42.5" and 54.6" for our fire load and smoke gas optimized BLO-Line® monitors.

The DISTEC premium series PLUS-Line, currently available in the sizes 54.6" and 64.5", is offered as a monitor with a 4K video card or as a panel PC. A 4K-capable ARM-based version with Raspberry Pi is expected to be available from Q3/23. With various options such as TrueFlat glass and touch, front frame and media bar, the PLUS-Line is suitable for various applications from collaboration/conference room monitors to modern design displays. The Mediabar, which is available as an option, enables full use in meeting rooms with loudspeakers, microphone, camera as well as presence and brightness sensors. The brightness and presence sensors adapt the monitor perfectly to the ambient conditions and thus optimize energy consumption.

The ECO-Line is our inexpensive and super-slim 4K monitor series for cost-sensitive projects. With an Android operating system, it offers flexible design options with intelligent functions. It is suitable as a pre-configured solution for simple deployments. In addition to 43" and 55" monitors, 65" and 86" touch versions are available.