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ECO-LINE: Slim look at a slim price

Our one version line ECO-Line offers an unbeatable slim price to its very slim, modern design. Even on a tight budget, the ECO-Line enables an elegant, digital environment in 4K quality in the office, at conferences and in schools, but also in the area of digital signage.

ECO-Line are pre-configured intelligent monitor solutions from 43" - 86" in a look that fits a wide variety of modern business scenarios, whether in an office meeting room, restaurant, store or supermarket. The 43" and 55" monitor make an impressive picture in both portrait and landscape format and come with a wall mount. 
The 86" monitor shines with a 20-finger touch including school board app as a special highlight.

A multifunctional media player with Android operating system, time broadcast, USB auto play and USB clone mode characterize this new, cost-optimized line of 4K monitors.