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Art installation with Distec monitors

For the art exhibition Better Nature at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein from 20.07. to 24.11.2019 Distec provided the artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg with twelve 42" POS-Line VideoPoster monitors as sponsoring. On these monitors the artist implemented the work The Wilding of Mars, in which she simulates over several hours the virtual settlement of Mars with plants from the earth.

The videos are transferred to the POS-Line monitors via the USB port and played back in an endless loop by the integrated VideoPoster-IV TFT controller. Alternatively, the contents can also be updated via the LAN interface. The monitor’s full HD resolution and a brightness of 700cd / m² provide the museum visitors a brilliant, detailed film experience.

Starting in December, the POS-Line monitors travel with the artist to various exhibitions around the world.

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