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28,6" Panorama Display

AUO’s G286HAN01.0 is a 28.6" TFT panorama display. Due to its shape, the display is a real eye-catcher and is ideal for applications where there are height restrictions. With a width of 73cm, your content will be displayed perfectly with a resolution of 1920x540. The display can easily cope with bright ambient light: Its LED backlight provides 1000cd/m² and ensures a high-contrast and color-true image.

When viewed from the side or from below, its AHVA wide-angle technology guarantees a perfect readability.

The display is controlled via an LVDS interface, for example with our TFT controller boards Prisma-IIIA or PrismaECO-IV, which we especially configure with a special firmware to the requirements of the display. We are happy to supply you with a complete kit solution with all necessary accessories.

Samples of the G286HAN01.0 and corresponding kit solutions are currently available from stock.
Please contact us to find out more!

In addition to this 28.6" we offer a wide range of bar type TFT displays in sized from 6.2" to 37" as a single component, but also as plug & play kit solutions.